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It is not uncommon for us to cling to belief systems that ultimately do not serve us.

Hi, I’m Candace and I lived these words.

It was my belief that there wasn’t enough – enough time, enough money or enough knowledge to create something bigger than myself in order for more people to get the therapy they needed.

In my early years, my belief system told me that I needed to be cautious, careful and sure of my decisions in order to stay safe and feel secure. When I found the courage to examine my own belief systems, I realized I was getting in my own way of providing an opportunity for like-minded therapists to offer their experience and skills to help more people thrive.

Finding Serenity Therapy Services was created to provide a safe space for you to unpack and overcome your fears, negative self-talk and traumas without judgment or blame. We are here to help you focus on positive actions to change your life for the better. We offer tangible strategies to elevate your functioning at home, at work and in the community for a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Therapy can truly transform your life. Let’s work together to see new possibilities!
Candace Young, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Owner of Finding Serenity Therapy Services leaning against a brick wall

Candace Young

Owner & Founder

Owner & Founder

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Our team is here to support you to take the steps you need to live the life you want. We provide virtual therapy for individuals, couples and peak performers across California.

Acknowledging the experiences, situations and history that led you here is the first step to healing. We believe you have the power within you to make a change that will transform your life so you can be seen for who you are, develop the connections you’re yearning for, find the love you want and live the life you crave.

You’re not alone.

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Peak Performers

Our Approach


We are ready to help you make the choices that will make a difference. When you work with us, it is our primary mission to hear you, believe in you and guide you to emotional healing.

We Get To Know You

Understanding where you are now and the challenges you’re facing will help us identify the barriers that are keeping you stuck.

We Create A Custom Plan

Together we create a plan that is unique to your situation so we can guide you with the tools and skills you need to make lasting change.

We Work Together

Throughout our sessions, we take the time to assess your progress to ensure you are moving toward your goals.

Starting living the life you were meant to live.